Was ist Duolingo Plus?

Duolingo Plus is a premium addition to the Duolingo experience. With Duolingo Plus you have the following advantages:

  • an ad-free learning experience
  • unlimited hearts

As a Duolingo Plus subscriber, you also support our mission to make education accessible to millions of people around the world for free.

To subscribe to Duolingo Plus, tap the "Load" icon at the bottom of the main window, select "Learn more" at the top of the Duolingo Plus banner and follow the instructions.

If you cannot find Plus in the web/app shop, please check your school settings here . If you are actively enrolled in a classroom, Duolingo Plus is not available. You must remove this class to purchase the subscription. If you want to join the class after purchasing the subscription, please have the classroom code ready.

Note: You can cancel your Duolingo Plus subscription at any time.